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Khai (PC + Quest & Opti)

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No dms please! If you need to reach me, please send your question in my server's “ask yuyu” channel.

Every purchase is at the customers own risk, don't chargeback if your un-satisfied!

Pls only purchase when sure you want to buy. Any chargebacks that aren't fix will have appropriate action for TOS infringement.

↓↓ TOS, Import instructions & credits can be found at bottom of page ↓↓

Showcase video: TheMasked#8904

Photoshoot: Cupio#0001

Photoshoot: Cupio#0001

♡ 2019.4.31f1 unity version
♡ Fullbody Ready (FBT).
♡ 3.0 avatar.

♡ SFW Quest + Opti

♡ Dissolve toggles (PC)
♡ Blendshape NSFW toggles (Opti+Quest)

♡ Bicep flexion (not toggleable, happens when flexing arm)
♡ Peck puppet control movement!

♡ Index compatibility (good)
♡ Light skin colour change

♡ Clean textures included!
♡ Dynamic bones & physbones prefabs
♡ Already saved prefabs & scenes available

(Note: Optimised & Quest version may not have the same available features as PC)

Toggleable clothing:
• Tank shirt • Pants (NSFW) • Comfy shirt • Comfy pants (NSFW) • Shoes • Socks 

Toggleable jackets:
• Vest jacket • Fur jacket • Off shoulder jacket

Toggleable hair:
• Long hair • Spikey short hair • Straight short hair

Toggleable accessories:
• Spikey tail • Wings • Dragon tail & horns • Horn • Pp (NSFW) • Anubis ears • Anubis tail • Elf ears

Toggleable extra:
• Skin colour change • Hue shift puppet controller • Peck puppet control movement! • Hand particles • Tail particle • Bicep flexion (not toggleable, happens when flexing arm)

Toggleable DP (dynamic penetration):
• R hand DP • Pp DP

Photoshoot: Cupio#0001

Ears: DOGU#0271
Long hair: Minichibi#0001
Vest jacket: Dallaire#1510
Tattoo textures: ToKSiN#1313
Anubis ears & tail: Zevvy#0021
Shoes: NippNipp#0001/Sezzy#0001
Sweat shirt & pants: Mehdi#6969
Tail: ђ๏ɭɭy#4868 (edited)
Horns: Aantara#1337 (edited)
Tank Shirt: Ares~#3333 (heavily edited)
Straight hair: Onion#1515 (heavily edited)
Short hair: Vespa/Kittyz#6666 (edited)
Pants, x2 fur jackets: KC#5344 (edited)
Head: Pandaabear#9873/WetCat#6969 (heavily edited)
Dragon wings, tail & horn set: Zevvy#0021 (edited)
DPS: Raliv (https://gumroad.com/l/lwthuB) < must purchase in order to use the DP prefabs!
Everything else made by me

Custom hand & tail particle effects by zepwlert#6838

(Don’t use the assets on the avatar unless you have bought them from the original creators! Your not allowed to use my edited versions, only the original creators version.)

(Don’t use the custom commissioned/special permission assets outside of this model in any way!)

Body: Nexvion mollydolly base version (cannot use the base for any re-selling/private or commercial use! Only for nexvion & my use)

Original male base: https://www.deviantart.com/dollymolly323/art/MMD-Nude-Multipurpose-Male-Base-DL-18-725089045

Note: Blend file available for download along with Poiyomi Toon, VRCSDK3 & avatar package.

Putting PC Ver. in Unity:

Step 1. Download unity 2019.4.31f1

Step 2. Make new unity project

Step 3. Put SDK 3 (provided) + Poiyomi shader (provided) first!

Step 4. Add your own dynamic bones

Step 5. (if you want dynamic penetration prefab to work). Buy the DP package from Raliv & add it in your unity after SDK, Poiyomi & Dynamic bones!)

Step 6. Add the avatar package in last!

Note: Make sure to lock all materials in the unity project before upload so the hue shifts work properly in game :)

Putting Quest Ver. in Unity:

Step 1. Download unity 2019.4.31f1

Step 2. Make new unity project

Step 3. Put SDK 3 (provided) first!

Step 4. Add the quest package in last!

Rules of purchase (TOS):

> • Do NOT refund/chargeback your purchase! If you chargeback & don’t fix this issue, you'll get banned from my server & reported to Gumroad for infringement of my TOS

> • Do NOT re-sell my avatars/assets & claim it as your own. I don't sell commercial usages to distribute the product or used assets that's on the model.

> • Do NOT leak/share/price split my packages! (sharing packages to someone to upload without permission counts as leaking! pls ask permission for someone else to upload for you beforehand.)

> • Do NOT make public uploads/re-coloured public uploads onto your account/someone else's account on any platforms!

> • Do NOT purchase my avatars/assets to take parts off or learn from them! They aren't for educational purposes/taking things off from.

> • Do NOT use any edited assets/parts off my model for personal or commercial projects! (Must use the ORIGINAL creator's version when purchased from them)

> • Will help if you have issues regarding the model before 4-7 days of purchase.

> • Buying for someone else? Pls let me know their name through discord, put their name in the VrChat & Discord name requirement or click gifting option on Gumroad ➜ see link on how to use gift option: (https://customers.gumroad.com/article/213-how-do-i-give-a-product-as-a-gift)

> • I’m not held accountable for any future game/program updates that may break the avatar/asset nor am I accountable to fix all issues. Buy at your own risk!

> • I'm not held accountable for any loss of products after purchase. I'll re-send lost of product only once! If you've had bad reputation for leaking/using leaked models & I'm not comfortable/believe you won't go against my TOS, I'm not obligated to re-send any loss of products to you!!!

> • You may use the avatars for free content on TikTok, Insta, etc.

> •You may use the avatar for streaming/being your vtuber face/persona if you have purchased the model under "streaming license" usages! Pls make sure to still credit me for the base of the model even if you have heavily edited it.

> • When using the model for any purposes, DO NOT take assets of the model to put on a model outside my own without purchasing from the original asset creators.

> • You must always make it visible for people to know who the model creator is & links to the purchase page for people who want to know who made the model or the original creators of the assets used on the model. Pls don't gate keep any assets & me for the work put into it!

> • You may use the avatars to showcase your texture work, however, please ask permission beforehand! If caught using them for this purpose without permission, it may result in a ban from my server & report for infringement of TOS

> • Your allowed to convert/import to other Vr game platforms such as CVR (chillout vr), NVR (neos vr), HVR (helios vr), VRM format, etc. However, you must convert the model yourself or let me know who'll be converting it for you. If I'm not notified beforehand if someone else is doing it for you, than it can be considered leaking.

> • Always make sure to credit me for the product still when using in other VR game platforms & to upload it privately to only you alone & not publicly! (VrChat TOS still applies for other VR game platforms)

> • If for any reason my TOS has been infringed in any way, I have full rights to revoke ones access & request for all media, platforms & uploads/possession of the model/depiction of the model to be taken down immediately!!!

> • I may at any time & at our sole discretion, modify these terms of services of use. Including our privacy policy, with or without notice of the user. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting. Your continued use of our service & this site following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified terms.


This product is not currently for sale.

PC + Opi & Quest Package Ready To Upload To VRChat // Notepad with Import Instructions // Shaders // VRCSDK3

Overall Performance:
PC Polygons:
198 554
Opti Polygons:
69 440
Quest Polygons:
69 440
52.03 MB


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Khai (PC + Quest & Opti)

88 ratings